The Vision
During our lifetime, fiber art has transformed from a craft medium to a form of conceptual artistic expression without question. Our vision is to curate an online exhibit of contemporary fiber artwork rooted in the spirit of feminine energy and creation using traditional materials, structures, and textile processes that focuses on the narrative of the work and its relation to the theme Transformation
The Common Thread Gallery is seeking the best contemporary art and invites submissions that reflect a range of works in the mediums of weaving and fiber art. 

The Exhibit
The exhibited works in Transformation: Fiber as Medium will address the socio, political, and contemporary themes of contemporary art including identity, the body, time, memory, place, language, science, and spirituality. The art will provide content beyond the method of their making.  It will express the personal narrative of each artist and provoke the audience to engage with the work as art.

Submission Deadline: January 31, 2019
Notification of Juror's decision: February 28, 2019
Exhibition Launch: April 5, 2019
Exhibition Closes: August 15, 2019


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